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Tea Auction For Bangladesh

We work with the tea industry of Bangladesh as tea brokers following all the rules of the Bangladesh Tea Board. We conduct auctions between the tea factory and the tea buyer. Through which Bangladesh Tea Board, Bangladesh Soccer, Cellar, and Buyer are all satisfied. We conduct tea auctions from the northernmost districts of Bangladesh.
  • Why do we provide such a good service?

We are always thinking about how to make time and money smaller. So we perform the tea auction services on time. Through which everyone benefits and gets good service. Our services really get people’s attention. Because all of us are a little exception.

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Average Auction Tea & Tea Grate

  • Leaf Tea
  • Dust Tea
  • Other Tea

This is not an actual report. Please visit the office and collect the tea hard report in the current year’s auction.

Our goal is to make the tea industry of Bangladesh more dynamic and to collect big and small buyers from the grassroots level of Bangladesh. Those licensed by the Bangladesh Tea Board. And our objective is to conduct tea auctions as tea brokers according to the rules of the Tea Board of Bangladesh.

To conduct offline and online tea auctions from a combination of registered tea factory production tea and registered bidder as per the rules of our Indigo Brokers Limited Bangladesh Tea Board.

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