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International Tea Buyer And Opportunities

We give high priority to international buyers for marketing tea in Bangladesh. Because our domestic buyers always get all the benefits. So we want to do something that will be a milestone for international buyers. We are always ready to provide some good services for the business class of any country in the world.
  • Why take Bangladeshi tea?
Bangladeshi tea is a type that has a different taste. Our country’s tea has always been a favorite of everyone. Our country has a long history of tea. In any country of the world, Bangladeshi tea is always adapted safely. One of our Bangladesh teas is CTC Tea, BT-2 to BT-21 Tea, Orthodox Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Rose Tea. . So we offer a lot of benefits to the buyers of the country as well as the international tea buyers.

international planning & strategy

The way we work for international buyers is just the opposite. We help global tea buyers to conduct online tea auctions that can be conducted in the country. We provide these services to any global tea buyer who wins the auction.
  • We pay revenue to the government of Bangladesh on behalf of the buyers.
  • We help them export tea without any supply chain.
  • We provide 05% financial support for any logistics service in the country
  • We provide a digital tracking facility to global buyers till tea reaches Bangladesh

our target Tea Buyer Country

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Australia
  • Antarctica

This is our target buyer country.

We believe that our tea brokers will always provide fast service to global tea buyers and consider everything of their quality. Since tea brokers only conduct auctions, we will conduct all activities on our behalf for global tea buyers.
We have payments in 48 types of currencies. So we can take the price of your auctioned tea in our bank account and as your currency, but for global tea buyers, we will always count the money in USD.

Our Global Target Estimates
& analysis

  • One
  • Two

Safety net & build wealth

You can be sure to join the tea auction from us. However, you must get a bidder license registered with the Bangladesh Tea Board. In addition, we must be a member of the Associate. And if you don’t have a license, we will export all kinds of tea you need with the help of your Bangladeshi traders. Our Indigo Brokers Ltd. is always ready to work with you under the slogan “Serving you is our religion”

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