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Indigo Brokers Limited Founded in 2022, The history of tea is very long. The tea industry originated in China at the hands of the British. This tea industry started in the subcontinent about 150 years ago. Although it was transformed from British to Pakistan, from Pakistan to independent Bangladesh, the tea industry has come a long way day by day. If you want to write from the pages of history, you have to write a lot. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was elected chairman of our first tea board in Bangladesh. The tea industry has come forward step by step holding his hand.


This Company history

Tea brokers act as third parties to market tea leaves from gardens under the Tea Industry Act. Tea garden owners and tea buyers from the middle-level market the tea and offer the right price to the buyers as well as satisfy the buyers through the auction of tea.

Not only this, with the help of tea brokers you can do more. such as Assistance in Market Determination, Business Trailing to Buyer, Finding New Buyer, Finding New Seller, Creating Market Value, Finding and Supporting International Buyers, Logistics Services, Warehouse, and many more. Besides, Indigo Tea Brokers are working all the time to create the digital Bangladesh of the Prime Minister’s dream. We are committed to ensuring that the tea industry is always digitally managed.

Indigo Tea Brokers operates tea brokers in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the Bangladesh Tea Board of the Ministry of Industries. Through which the government can easily take the revenue of its own state.

The tea industry is a very ancient and very large industry from which the government of Bangladesh gets a lot of revenue every year. Indigo Tea Brokers auction these teas. In addition, Indigo Brokers Limited works efficiently to create good marketing and to create buyers all over the country, and to benefit buyers. The quality of our Bangladeshi tea has a lot of demand in the world market. So we look at the country as well as the world market and with good marketing help our country to export tea without any hassle.

Our Value

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  • Target Business

We have already launched an online auction website. Through which you can auction from home or office from any country in the world. To be auctioned, the buyer must have a bidder’s license and be a member of the auction center.

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